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Soak- Stained Glass Soap

Soak- Stained Glass Soap

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The Stained Glass Soap Bar was designed as a fun way to repurpose soap scraps that would otherwise be seen as waste. Stained Glass includes bits and pieces of soap from our signature soap bar line that are cut into smaller pieces and incorporated into a charcoal soap bar base. This creates a mosaic of truly one-of-a-kind soap bar pieces, each bar unique from the next and each batch truly unique from the other. 

Stained Glass Soap Bar has a scent profile best described as earthy and musky with a touch of herb. Imagine the scent you might experience at an old-school barbershop, combining notes of bergamot and basil and blended with an earthy, musky tone of oakmoss.



Bar Care: When you're ready to use your bar, slice it into three separate pieces. Use one sliver at a time while keeping the other pieces dry. This will help lengthen the life of your bar.


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Fine Fragrance Oil, Activated Charcoal

Any of the following:
Trace of any essential oil
Madder Root Powder
Red Clay
Green Clay
Indigo Root Powder
Annatto Seed Powder
Titanium Dioxide
Rose Petals
Calendula Petals
Jasmine Petals